We specialize in consulting services and technical support that we provide to companies operating in the production of steel structures and various kinds of machinery and equipment, which are used in welding processes.

Quality control.

We offer a range of specialized services in the field of inspection and testing:
1. Verification of specification - to check whether the specified quality requirements necessary to enable the execution of the product.
2. Development of a quality plan.
3. Development of a testing and control plan.
4. Control of welding works (preliminary control, intermediate and final).
5. Non-destructive testing (NDT):
- ultrasonic testing (UT) according to PN-EN ISO 11666 (PN-EN 1712) + PN-EN ISO 17640 (PN-EN 1714),
- ultrasonic testing (UT) steel sheet delamination in accordance with standard PN-EN 10160,
- ultrasonic thickness measurements (UTT) according to PN-EN 14127,
- magnetic - powder survey (MT) according to PN-EN ISO 17638 (PN-EN 1290) + PN-EN ISO 23278 (PN-EN 1291),
- penetration testing (PT) according to PN-EN 571-1 + PN-EN ISO 23277,
- visual tests (VT) according to PN-EN ISO 17637 (PN-EN 970) + PN-EN 13018,
- leak test.
6. Development of quality documentation: interop and as-built.
7. Technical consultations.

NDT survey are conducted by qualified NDT certified competences second degree according to PN-EN 473.

In addition, we carry out surveillance and control audits:
1. System audits – refer to the controls and verifications already functioning and implemented quality systems. With audits are developed and presented reports of objective assessment. System audits often are also conducted to check whether the company meet imposed by his potential customer technical conditions of execution and acceptance.
2. Process audits – refer to control and verification of the production process of the product according to the order, the applicable guidelines, rules, regulations, cooperation. The range includes eg. pre-inspection, interop, final.