We specialize in consulting services and technical support that we provide to companies operating in the production of steel structures and various kinds of machinery and equipment, which are used in welding processes.


SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors.
SCC – Safety Checklist for Contractors This safety management system, health and the environment for subcontractors (both businesses and individuals) performing work of a higher risk of accidents. Currently, SCC requirements are known on the international market and are used in various industries, in particular wherever the work is performed so dangerous to human life and health and the environment.

The SCC training target It is continuous improvement of safety conditions to protect health and the environment, and continuously improve staff awareness of occupational safety.
Standard SCC includes specific training for managers and employees.

We offer two types of training and exams throughout the country and the EU:
SCC018 – certification and training designed for line workers.
SCC017 – certification and training designed for managers
Conducting the examination and issuance of a certificate is performed by an accredited certification body DAkkS in Person Certification.

The benefits of having SCC:
  • improving the image of the company,
  • improving work organization,
  • fewer accidents,
  • increase awareness of the risks,
  • increasing labor market opportunities.

SCC certificate
  • SCC certificate It is required to work in enterprises with the implemented system SCC, which performs work at higher risk. SCC certificate is issued in the form of a diploma and valid for 10 years.
  • SCC018 certificate is required in Germany for specialist line workers.
  • SCC017 certificate is required by executives and managers.
VCA certificate (Veiligheid Gezondheid Milieu, Checklijst, Aannemers)
  • VCA certificate is required in companies that carry a high-risk work in a hazardous environment. The certificate is valid in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

    There are two types of certificates:
  • VCA – Basic, for line workers,
  • VCA – VOL, for managers.
  • The certificate is a document in the field of Occupational Safety and Health required by companies in the United Kingdom active in the industrial construction.
  • The course is designed for those working and going to work in the UK and Northern Ireland.
  • Charter concerns safety and health at work in the UK. It is published by CITB – Construction Skills.
  • The document specifies the specialization and experience of construction workers, and confirms the existing knowledge on building regulations in the field of occupational health and safety.
Card is valid in the Nordic countries. It refers to the work of fire (welding, grinding, cutting). This is the Finnish Occupational Safety Card. Data security is required when working on projects or contracts with an increased risk of damage to health and the responsibility for their own safety at work.
The aim of the training is to obtain documented competence for personnel involved in mounting flanges used in pressure systems posing a particular threat, eg. in the petrochemical industry.
The training is directed to:
  • personnel performing mounting flanges,
  • staff supervising and controlling the mounting flanges.

The training allows acquire knowledge and skills in terms of the nature and types of flanges and seals, sealing, ways of assembly and disassembly of flanged connections, increase the safety of persons and installation reliability they supported.
Documentation of competence - Certificates,
The training consists of theoretical and practical classes, and can be carried out in two options - with or without a final exam this exam.
Participants receive:
  • Certificate of Competence issued by the international notified Certification Body - when the training is completed a final examination conducted by the Certification Body,
  • KTM WELD certificate of completion of training - if the training is carried out without final exam.